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Phedre no DelaunayName: Phedre no Delaunay
Original canon: Kushiel's Legacy
Age: 23
Race: Human, but part of a gypsy-like race (the D'Angelines) that have largely cut themselves off from everyone else
Physical description: Phedre is striking, but not in a conventionally beautiful way. She has dark hair and eyes, and a curvy figure. There is a red mote in her left eye. A tattoo of a rose covers most of her back.

Job: Phedre works at The Scarlett Room brothel, though she's been there long enough and has a good enough reputation that she can be somewhat picky about her clients. She also does the occasional espionage job, though she's more inclined to work with peace keepers than any sort of criminal element.

Wealth: She does all right for herself, and as she has no living expenses, most of what she earns at the Scarlett Room goes towards clothing and books.

Living Situation: She lives in The Scarlett Room.


The D'Angelines are a secluded race of humans living in a self-sustaining community on Nanashi. Their culture is heavily tied up in religion, which speaks of a deity named Elua who settled the land for them and left them with the single precept "love as thou
wilt." Sexuality and spirituality are very closely entwined, and one of the highest forms of religious service is to be a "Servant of Naamah," basically a form of prostitution heavily steeped in ceremony.

When Phedre was a child, she was adopted by a man who recognized a particular physical characteristic that she bore - a red mote in her left eye. It marked her as something rare even for D'Angelines - an anguisette, meaning that she bore a particular genetic mutation that caused her to experience pain and pleasure as one.

Though a small race, the D'Angelines were heavily embroiled with messy internal politics, and Phedre's adopted father, Anafiel Delaunay, trained Phedre and her foster brother Alcuin as spies, as well as Servants of Naamah. When Phedre came of age, her time spent in the beds of politically powerful D'Angelines helped her to glean information helpful to Delaunay's politics - but it was also enough to get him killed. When she arrived home one day to find both him and Alcuin dead, she fled Nanashi and her people, never looking back.

Phedre was eighteen when she arrived on Miranda, but was immediately taken in by the patron of The Scarlett Room. Though at first she saw common prostitution as beneath her, she also recognizes it as a way of remembering her spiritual roots. The other women there see her as a bit odd, but they all recognize that she's very good at what she does. The D'Angeline race is largely secretive, and little is known about it by outsiders - many hear stories that their religion involves sex, but few know details. Some recognize the tattoo on her back as marking her as D'Angeline, but very few know more than that.

Phedre has to be particularly careful about the clients that she chooses, because being an anguisette, she often attracts sadists. Word gets around that there's a girl at the Scarlett Room who likes pain. But then again, those types of contacts are also useful when she has to make use of her espionage skills.


Phedre is a somewhat hard women, simply because she grew up too fast after the death of her mentor. But she doesn't often show her true feelings, tending more to mold herself to whoever she's with. Her training has made her a keen observer, but if she isn't careful she can come off as fake or forced. She doesn't let anyone too close to her, staying closely guarded - especially with the knowledge that someday Anafiel's political enemies may choose to come find her.

Game Notes:

She has a non-professional (sexual) relationship with JACK HARKNESS.
One of her regular clients is JACK SHEPHARD.

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